Plant Service

Planting Service (trees/landscaping)


During the growing season, when you purchase  1-3 of Heath's potted trees, they offer a planting service. Rate: $50/hr (minimum 1 hour)  

More than 3 potted and/or bald & burlaped trees, landscape design, or maintenance, please contact us for a quote, attention: Tom heath

Planting Service (annuals)

Window boxes, patio pots, cemetery planters or hanging basket planting service. Bring in your own containers or purchase them from us. You may choose from our selection of plants and we will design them for you according to your growing conditions. Annual planting fee is calculated by the cost of each plant + soil/labor 

(+ price of container if applicable). 

Other Services


Heath's are setting up jobs for this upcoming season. If you would like to get on the books for work to be done, including:

Specialty woodworking, cabinetry, furniture making/repair, wood floors, deck/patio building & more, please contact us, attentinon: Tom Heath.