New Fruit Stock & Ornamentals 2019


Apple Trees

  • Cortland (zone 4-7), semi-dwarf
  • Fireside  (zone 4-7), semi-dwarf
  • Haralred (zone 3-7), semi-dwarf
  • Hazen (zone 4-6), Std, naturally semi-dwarf
  • Honeycrisp (zone 4-7), semi-dwarf
  • Liberty (zone 4-7), semi-dwarf
  • McIntosh (zone 4-7), semi-dwarf
  • State Fair (zone 3-6), semi-dwarf

Cherry Trees

  • Evans Bali (zone 3-8)
  • Mesabi (zone 4-8)

Pear Trees

  • Golden Spice (zone 3-7)
  • Ure (zone 3-7)

Plum Trees

  • Alderman (zone 4-8)
  • Superior (zone 4-8)
  • Toka (zone 3-8)
  • Mount Royal (zone 4-8) self-pollinator


  • St. Theresa Seedless (zone 4-9), purple grapes, mostly seedless, early season table grape and can be used for juice or jellies
  • Somerset Seedless (zone 4-8), seedless table or juice grape with excellent flavor, deep red berries. berries are edible at pink stage in August, but sweeter when fully ripened

Blueberry Bushes

  • Northblue (zone 3-8), mature height 3-4'
  • Northcountry (zone 3-8), mature height 18-24"
  • Northland (zone 4-7), mature height 3-4'
  • Patirot (zone 4-8), mature height 4-6'
  • Jersey (zone 4-8), mature height 5-6'
  • Blueray (zone 4-7), mature height 5'
  • Bluecrop (zone 4-8), mature height 4-6'

More Fruit:

Peach, Contender (zone 4-8) 

Black Current, Consort (zone 3-7 

Jostaberry (zone 3-8)

Strawberry, Ft. Laramie & Honeyoye (zone 3-10)

Ornamental Trees & Shrubs


Flowering Crab Apples

  • Prairifire, zone 4-7, single red/purple flowers, Maroon Fruit 3/8-1/2"
  • First Editions Ruby Tears (TM), zone 4-7 weeping habit, single pink flowers, fruit dark red 3/8"
  • Snowdrift, zone 3-7, white flowers, fruit orange-red 3/8" persistent

Assorted Shrubs

  • Northern Lights Azalea (zone 4-7) Medium size blooms with shades of light to deep pink. Prefers light shade, but does well in full sun. Hardy plant with flowers buds surviving to -40. Height 4', spread 5-6'
  • Tri-Lights Azalea (zone 4-7) Flowers are white with a pink tinge and yellow center in late May to early June. Prefers light to medium shade. Flower buds hardy to -30 . Height 4-5', spread 5-6'
  • P.J.M Rhododendron (zone 4-7) Evergreen shrubs with Mauve blooms in spring and purple fall foliage. Height 4-5', spread 3-5'   
  • Meadowlark Forsythia (zone 3-8) Height 8-10',Spread 6-10', semi-arching
  • Rosa Hansa Rose (zone 3-7) hardy hybrid rugosa, fragrant medium red flowers, petal count 25-30, meaty red rose hips, for jam or jelly.
  • Winter Red Winterberry (zone 4-9), dark green, bronze fall foliage, female selection, bright red fruit persisting into winter. Use 'Southern Gentleman' for pollination. Height 6-9', spread 8'
  • Southern Gentleman Winterberry (zone 4-9), male selection used to pollinate 'Winter Red', height 6-9', spread 6-8'
  • Little Princes Spirea (zone 3-8) Small leaves on short wiry steams. Pretty pink flowers bloom in summer. Excellent groundcover or dwarf specimen. Dark red fall color. Sun or light shade. Height 24-30", spread 3'

Lilac Bushes

  • Declaration (zone 4-7) redish-purple, height 6-8', spread 6-7
  • Miss Canada (zone 2-7) single, bright pink, height 6-9', spread 5-8', late flowering
  • Miss Kim (3-7) single, pale lilac, burgundy fall foliage, height 6-7', spread 5-6', late flowering
  • Beauty of Moscow (zone 3-7), double white/pale pink, height 10-12', spread 8'
  • President Grevy (3-7), double lilac- blue, height 10-12', spread 8'
  • Pocahontas (zone 2-7), single, deep violet, darkest purple, height 10-12', spread 10-12'

Hydrangea Bushes

  • NEW First Editions Diamond Rouge (zone 3-8), dark green foliage, long lasting flowers on strong stems that start out white and progress to pink, raspberry red and finally wine red. Flowers start blooming in July and take on red coloration earlier in the season than other pink paniculatas. Height 4-5', spread 3-4'
  • Limelight (zone 3-8), sun or part shade, bright lime-green flowers in late summer, in autumn displays shades of pink, burgundy and green. Height 6-8', spread 5-7'
  • Tardiva (zone 3-8), Showy white flowers turning pink in mid-late August, late blooming, height 6-8', spread 8-10'

Conifer Shrubs & Trees (Evergreens)

  • Rhododendron, P.J.M (zone 4-7) . Refer to flowering shrubs above for details.
  • Juniper, Sea Green (zone 4-8) Mint green foliage, fountain-like arching branches. Excellent evergreen for foundation planting. Foliage darkens in winter. Height 4-6', spread 4-6'
  • Juniper, Blueberry Delight (zone 3-7) Dense, low speading juniper with rich, dark green needles with contrasting silver blue on the upper leaf surface. Height 1', spread 4-5'
  • Juniper, Blue Chip (zone 3-8) Prostrate Juniper that maintains outstanding blue color all season. Best in sun or light shade. Compact growth habit needs little shearing. Height 8-10", spread 3-5'
  • Juniper, Wilton Blue Rug (zone 3-8) One of the best prostrate junipers that form a dense mat of blue foliage. Excellent groundcover or bank planting or drape over retaining walls. Height 4-6", spread 3-5'
  • Juniper, Blue Star (zone 4-8) Forms a mounded shape of bright, steel-blue foliage. Slow growing. Can be used as groundcover or mass plantings. Full sun to light shade. Height 2', spread 4'
  • Juniper, Witchita Blue (zone 3-7) Attractive silvery blue foliage on a distinctive and broadly pyramidal tree form. Low maintenance and retains its brilliant color all year. Makes an excellent screen, hedge or specimen tree. Height 18', spread 8'
  • Cypress, Russian (zone 2-6) Dwarf, densely branched, low growing evergreen with low spreading form. Foliage resembles arborvitae. Bright green summer color turning bronze in winter. Grows in both full sun and full shade. Height 12", spread 3-4'
  • Picea, Bird's Nest Spruce (zone 3-7) Beautiful dwarf spruce, broad, dense and slow growing. Light green foliage on spreading branches rises up slightly with nodding tips. Distinctive plant for rock gardens or specimen use. Hardy, best in full sun or minimal shade. Height 3', spread 2-3'
  • Spruce, Fat Albert Blue (zone 3-7) A truly blue spruce, grafted tree is slow growing with a naturally straight leader and well shaped form. Requires no staking or training. Height 15', spread 8-10'
  • Pine, Mugo (zone 2-7) Dwarf, bright green color all seasons. Mounded shape that can be maintained by pruning. Especially nice in early summer when new candles of growth appear. Very hardy and rugged. Full sun. Height 3-5', spread 3-6'

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